Garden Waste (green bins)

Published: 23 April 2024

You can pay for the 2024 garden waste service online here:

Pay for your garden waste licence

How does the garden waste collection service work?

  • The garden waste service costs £46.50 for fortnightly garden waste collections between March and early December (for customers whose previous licence covered collections in March, the cost this year will be reduced)
  • A licence covers one 240-litre wheelie bin to be emptied fortnightly
  • Once paid, your licence pack will arrive within 14 days
  • Your licence pack will include a sticker that must be displayed on your bin (your service will not start until your licence is displayed)
  • Please ensure that your bin is at the kerbside or collection point (with the licence clearly visible) from the night before, as collections can take place from 6am
  • How your garden waste is collected depends on where you live. Your garden waste might be collected in a brown or green wheelie bin, compostable liners, sacks or bags
  • Check your garden waste collection day (this will include details of any changes to collections over bank holiday periods)